John. R. Howard

 John R. Howard is Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Purchase College, the State University of New York.  He is the author of Poor Joshua, as well as The Shifting Wind: The Supreme Court and Civil Rights from Reconstruction to Brown and Faces In The Mirror: Oscar Micheaux & Spike Lee.

Other titles by John R. Howard

THE SHIFTING WIND: The Supreme Court and Civil Rights from Reconstruction to Brown
The Supreme Court played a decisive, and not always positive role in molding the relationship between race and rights during the ninety years between the end of the Civil War and Brown. Brown marked a turning point in the meaning of race in American society. Its contribution to the erosion of the moral legitimacy of segregation helped impel the civil rights movement toward major legislative success, culminating with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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FACES IN THE MIRROR: Oscar Micheaux & Spike Lee
John Howard’s Faces in the Mirror: Oscar Micheaux and Spike Lee provides a fresh look at the history of African-American filmmaking in the twentieth century. His engaging exploration of the life stories if the century’s two most significant black movie directors chronicles the struggles of African-Americans in the film industry and against Hollywood’s traditions of segregation and stereotyping.

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